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About me (Dan)


I am Dan (a Vietnamese name’s in TonDan st ) . Working in tourism field for more than 15 years in different positions : Tour guide, Travel consultant, I have been almost over our country, Vietnam. My most interesting hobby is bycicle. It is so wonderful to ride a bike throught the villages with its own pagodas, temples, ancient houses, to meet and talk with friendly local people to understand more about their culture & history. It is like on the heaven when cycling on the green rice paddy fields, vegetable gardens, on the dikes along the river with cows; water buffalows; cute children… all those make  me so happy with life and our country. Not only business, but it is selfish if I only keep it for my self. I would love to share this passion with not only my friends, colleages but also with foreign tourist who really want to experiece our real local life.

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  1. Ineke en Hans says:

    Dear mr. Dan,
    we still think back a lot on our day on the bike on Januari 19th. It was a great way to see the surroundings of the beautifull city of Hanoi.And you were a perfect tourguide!! It has taken a while before I got to this but our pictures will be e mailed to you today.
    We wish you all the best and also many more clients in the future!!

    kind regards,
    Hans en Ineke

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