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Half- day cycling to rural Hanoi’s villages


Traveling by bicycle is one the best way to see and experience the beauty, the people, and the culture of Vietnam. This tour is a great way for travelers to discover Vietnam in an active vacation. The area to be visited is a fascinating mix of rice paddy fields and local homestead of rural Hanoians, who have inhabited and earned a living in the Red river delta for life.

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Cycling to But Thap Pagoda & Phat tich pagoda


A day bicycle tour around Hanoi takes you to the Hanoi countryside, rural area where you will experience the real, authentic life. Begin your day adventure cycling along the Duong dyke, through Vietnam northern countryside villages until you reach the But Thap pagoda where you will make a stop for visiting the pagoda.

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A day walking and cycling to experience the local life in Hanoi’suburb


Out of the hustle and bustle of the city, our guide will lead you to a very interesting & special island. It is not only green with its plants, but also a unique experience with thatched houses which can not be seen anywhere else in the Red River delta

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Bat trang pottery village


Bat trang, an acient traditional craft village well-known for ceramic items, located on the left bank of the Red river, about 15 km southeast of Hanoi. Originally named Bach Tho, Bat trang village has a story of more than 5 hundred years of ceramics making

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“LEN DONG” ceremony


The person who acts as medium must have natural- trance state according to the ‘ four supernatural Deities’ belief; she/he only may invite Gods to incarnate. According to the popular conception, the universe consists of four elements: sky holy-mother’

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Cycling to Coloa ancient citadel


Co Loa is a first ancient citadel of Viet nam, which is located in the North of Hanoi, with beautiful rice paddy fields, Old villages, series of pagodas & temples. Especially with its unique vestige “ Three rings of citadel”. It is one of the closest place, where you can see the real countryside of Northern Vietnam .

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One-day cycling to Bat Trang village


You will be met up with our English-speaking guide at our bike store. He will give a short briefing about the bikes such as how to change the speed drivetrain (there are 24-speed drivetrain). He also give information about the biking trail you can try to test our bikes riding for some rounds before starting your outdoor adventure.

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