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Half- day cycling to rural Hanoi’s villages


Why this tour?

Traveling by bicycle is one the best way to see and experience the beauty, the people, and the culture of Vietnam. This tour is a great way for travelers to discover Vietnam in an active vacation. The area to be visited is a fascinating mix of rice paddy fields and local homestead of rural Hanoians, who have inhabited and earned a living in the Red river delta for life.

This tour sets itself apart by bringing international tourists the real Vietnamese’ culture, one that is not commonly shown in a classic day tour of Hanoi. It promise a great experience as tourists spend time outdoors to inhale the fresh air, smell the green rice fields, be charmed by the flowing Red river and learn about local people.

Who this tour is for?

This tour is best suited to F.I.T, family or independent travelers, who have an appreciation for local culture and an interest in exploring Vietnam in its truest sense. The village in the Red river delta reflects well life of typical culture in Northern delta area

This tour is especially appealing to tourists who like an active vacation and getting away from the crowd. The tour is organized in small group and promises a close setting where tourists can interact and enjoy the tour to the most.

Attractions & Experience delivered by the tour:

Local life: tourists shall get a good grasp of how local people’s lives unfold – from farmers working on their fields and gardens (wet rice cultivation) to children riding a bicycle to school (education system) and even daily chores such as shopping for grocery or communal gathering

Local history, culture, believes, relationship are well reflected by visiting or passing by pagodas, temples and shrines

Architecture: Tourists will be taken to visit 3 types of houses of local people : Traditional style house, French villa styled house, and popular narrow house or Tube shaped house. This is a unique opportunity as most tourists, especially those do not have long time in Vietnam, are not able to see a typical house of Vietnamese people.

Itinerary ( in the morning )

08:00AM. Depart from hotel. Leave behind the hustle & bustle of the city to the outskirt where a small village locates, on the left bank of the Red river- Bac Bien Village

08:20AM. Arrive in local guide (Dan)’s house. Welcomed coffee, tea and snacks.  Tour guides give a briefing session and self-introduction and about his village, tour, bikes.

08:50AM. Start pedaling through small alleys of Bac Bien village to the Duong river’s bank. Then take a local boat ferry to cross the river to its left bank .

Ride a bike along the dike, from villages to villages, where we can see many traditional typical houses; pagodas, temples, local market and be caught in the beautiful rice paddy fields, gardens of vegetables and corns.

Pedal up to a dike of the Red river, cross  2 villages outside of the dyke. We come in a local house in traditional style, have a conversation with the villagers to understand more about their lives, works. Cycling on the dyke along the Red river, we will see the meeting point of 2 rivers. We stop under an old tree by the river for drinks, snacks, and photos. Heading back to the ferry. Crossing the Duong river by ferry again.

Stop by a local temple, which is located by the Red river. By good luck, we have a chance to see a unique ceremony of Vietnamese people –“ Len Dong” or “ Going into a trance”. This ceremony is very interesting, and unique to foreigners.

Have a drink with a family in the village to know more about their life, and the changes of the village & surrounding area.

At around 12.30: take a taxi or car back to hotel

Tour code: Ahn 02

  • Tour starts: 08.00 A.M or 13.30 P.M
  • Tour ends: 12.30 P.M or 18. 00 P.M
  • Cycling distance: 15km – 30 km ( depends on clients ) .Biking level : Easy


  • English speaking guide
  • Mountain Bike with helmet
  • Taxi or car- 2 ways (Hotel – Village – Hotel)
  • Boat ferry (returns)
  • Water, coffee, tea, snacks
  • Donation for local temples and local families. And entrance fees

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Half- day cycling to rural Hanoi’s villages, 6.9 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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